Firewall Configuration for the Vodafone ARV4519PWRouter Sceenshot

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Firewall configuration ROUTER Service Status Applications Router LAN NAT Firewall DynDNS DMZ UPnP WiFi Ethernet Backup HOME NETWORK Connected Equipment Hard Disk Printer SUPPORT Troubleshooting Router Diagnostics ADSL Statistics Management Restart Reset Update Remote Customer Service Home Router / Router Firewall Router Firewall configuration You can use this page to define the security level of the router firewall. You can choose from three predefined modes or you can create your own rules in the User-defined section. Firewall settings Security level This mode disables the firewall. The existing rules are saved, but not applied. None (not recommended) This is the most common mode, allowing all your services to access the Internet (Internet browsing, e-mail, file transfer, online gaming, etc.). Normal (filtering incoming packets using NAT rules) You can use this mode to restrict Internet access to certain basic services only (Internet browsing, e-mail, file transfer). Maximum (filtering incoming and outgoing packets)   User-defined (for advanced users) Rule management The traffic in your network is filtered using the security rules in this order, which you can change by clicking the Priority tab. Name Destination IP Destination port Source IP Source port Rule Delete Change Priority Netbios * * * 137:139, 445 Refused Accepted Refused NAT * * * * Accepted Accepted Refused Accepted Refused > Add a rule OK" type=submit>
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