Home Network Addresses for the Vodafone ARV4519PWRouter Sceenshot

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Home network configuration ROUTER Service Status Applications Router LAN NAT Firewall DynDNS DMZ UPnP WiFi Ethernet Backup HOME NETWORK Connected Equipment Hard Disk Printer SUPPORT Troubleshooting Router Diagnostics ADSL Statistics Management Restart Reset Update Remote Customer Service Home Router / Router DHCP Router Home network addresses You can use this function to automatically configure your home network so that your computers can share the Internet connection. If you prefer, you can still enter your parameters manually. Parameters of home network addresses IP address of router The IP address and subnet mask of the router define the addressing plan of your local network. IP address: Subnet mask: Hostname on LAN: DHCP server configuration The DHCP server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) automatically assigns an IP address to a computer in your local network. Enabled Disabled Start of IP address range: End of IP address range: Lease: Unlimited 1 day 1 week 1 month List of reserved IP addresses The reserved IP addresses will only be used for the MAC address entered in the table below. Name IP address MAC address Delete Change abc > Add OK" type=submit>
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