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Port redirection ROUTER Service Status Applications Router LAN NAT Firewall DynDNS DMZ UPnP WiFi Ethernet Backup HOME NETWORK Connected Equipment Hard Disk Printer SUPPORT Troubleshooting Router Diagnostics ADSL Statistics Management Restart Reset Update Remote Customer Service Home Router / Router NAT Router NAT management and port redirection You can use this function to manually create rules to translate IP addresses and ports in your home network into an Internet address and port. This means you can protect yourself from unsolicited requests from the outside world. The application you want to configure may already be in the list of preconfigured applications . Port and NAT parameters NAT --> Enabled Disabled List of NAT rules Consult the help system of your applications to find out the parameters you need to correctly configure your NAT (Network Address Translation) rules. Application Protocol Source port Destination IP Destination port Delete Change TCP UDP TCP+UDP > Add OK" type=submit>