Router Diagnostics for the Vodafone ARV4519PWRouter Sceenshot

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Troubleshooting ROUTER Service Status Applications Router LAN NAT Firewall DynDNS DMZ UPnP WiFi Ethernet Backup HOME NETWORK Connected Equipment Hard Disk Printer SUPPORT Troubleshooting Router Diagnostics ADSL Statistics Management Restart Reset Update Remote Customer Service Home Support / Troubleshooting Support Router Diagnostics > Router data > Connection status > Router configuration > WiFi interface > Ethernet interfaces > USB interfaces Router data Product name ARV4519PW-A-LF-L3-Vodafone_EG Software version A50504-vf_eg15-prod-17884 Serial number Time since startup 7 days 4 hours 43 minutes Connection status ADSL synchronisation Router synchronised Access to remote server (BAS) Server available PPP session PPP session established WAN Connected WAN 1 (PPPoE)     Uptime of current Internet connection 7 days 4 hours 42 minutes Data rate Downstream data rate: 1 Mb/s Upstream data rate: 256 Kb/s IP address DNS server Router configuration Fixed telephony Not enabled TV --> DHCP Enabled Firewall Normal security level DMZ Enabled Interfaces WiFi Status Enabled Network name (SSID) kandil Mode 802.11b+g Channel Auto Authentication mode WEP Option 128 Ethernet Ethernet 1 Connected 100 Mb/s Ethernet 2 Connected 100 Mb/s Ethernet 3 Connected 100 Mb/s Ethernet 4 / TV Not connected USB USB slave Not connected USB master rear Not connected USB master side Not connected
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