UPnP Services for the Vodafone ARV4519PWRouter Sceenshot

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UPnP configuration ROUTER Service Status Applications Router LAN NAT Firewall DynDNS DMZ UPnP WiFi Ethernet Backup HOME NETWORK Connected Equipment Hard Disk Printer SUPPORT Troubleshooting Router Diagnostics ADSL Statistics Management Restart Reset Update Remote Customer Service Home Router / Router UPnP Router UPnP services You can use this function to enable or disable UPnP functions in the router. UPnP allows the router to automatically detect and configure certain equipment and services in your home network. UPnP configuration Services UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) IGD (Internet Gateway Device) allows certain applications to configure NAT (Network Address Translation) automatically. UPnP AV (Audio Video) is used with other UPnP terminals to share media files from an external hard disk or a USB key attached to the router. UPnP IGD (NAT traversal) UPnP AV (Media Server) UPnP routing table This table contains the ports opened automatically by compatible UPnP IGD applications. Application Protocol External port IP address Internal port MSNMSGR TCP 1412 1412 MSNMSGR TCP 1228 1228 MSNMSGR TCP 1246 1246 MSNMSGR TCP 1171 1171 MSNMSGR TCP 1199 1199 MSNMSGR TCP 1231 1231 MSNMSGR TCP 1337 1337 libtorrent/ at UDP 46508 46508 MSNMSGR TCP 2538 2538 MSNMSGR TCP 1227 1227 MSNMSGR TCP 1492 1492 MSNMSGR TCP 1411 1411 MSNMSGR TCP 2438 2438 libtorrent/ at UDP 51092 51092 MSNMSGR TCP 2515 2515 BitComet TCP TCP 13773 13773 libtorrent/ at UDP 6881 6881 libtorrent/ at TCP 6881 6881 LimeUDP0D34A94A2E UDP 8167 8167 LimeTCP0D34A94A2E TCP 8167 8167 OK" type=submit>
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