Firmware Upgrade for the Vodafone Easybox 802Router Sceenshot

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Firmware Upgrade You can update your current Firmware via Internet. A current Internet Access is mandatory.Your configuration will be unchanged after the Upgrade.   Alternative you can load a Firmware. You will find the actual version on Firmware File   Backup Configuration of DSL-EasyBox After you click following "Backup" button. You could backup all current configuration of DSL-EasyBox.   Restore Configuration of DSL-EasyBox Enter the path and name of the backup file then click the APPLY button below. You will be prompted to confirm the backup restoration. If you have received a new modem installation code for example after move or technology change, you will automatically update your personal configurations only. Your accounts will not be overwritten. --> Restore from saved Configuration file   Restore to Factory Defaults After you click following "Restore" button. You could reset configuration of DSL-EasyBox to factory default value and reboot device to activate these new configuration.  
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