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Status You can use the Status screen to see the connection status for the router's WAN/LAN interfaces, firmware and hardware version numbers, any illegal attempts to access your network, as well as information on all DHCP client PCs currently connected to your network. Current Time: INTERNET ADSL:  CONNECTED Mode:  G.992.5 (ADSL2+) Download:  6910 Kbps. Upload:  733 Kbps. WAN IP:   Subnet Mask: Gateway:   Primary DNS:   Secondary DNS:   GATEWAY IP Address: Subnet Mask: DHCP Server:  Enabled Firewall:  Disabled UPnP:  Enabled Wireless:  Enabled INFORMATION Numbers of DHCP Clients:  8 Runtime Code Version:  20.02.215 (03.04.2009-15:39:05) Boot Code Version:  V1.00.01 ADSL Modem Code Version: LAN MAC Address:  Wireless MAC Address:  WAN MAC Address:  Hardware Version:  01 Serial Num:    ATM PVC VC1 VC2 --> DHCP Client Log View information on LAN DHCP clients recorded on the router. ip= mac= ip= mac= ip= mac= name= ip= mac= name= ip= mac= name= ip= mac= name= ip= mac= name= ip= mac= name= Security Log View any attempts that have been made to gain access to your network. --> -->  -->