Web FTP Server for the Vodafone Easybox 802Router Sceenshot

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Web-FTP Server You could share your USB mass storage via HTTP protocol. After you enable this function and configure all the necessary parameters. You could access your USB storage from the LAN side by type into following URL in your browser: http://(IP address):(port number)/(URL).    http://(host name):(port number)/(URL). http://(IP address)/(URL). http://(host name)/(URL). ex: ex: http://easy.box:8000/dsl_usb2 ex: ex: http://easy.box/dsl_usb2 If you would like to access the USB storage from the WAN side. You need to enable the "Remote Access" parameter and use the "IP Address" to access DSL-Easy Box. The "Host name" access method is only useful in the LAN area.   Enable Web-FTP Server function  ( ) Volume No any USB mass storage connected ! URL /dsl_usb1 Path    (\) Port Number  (8000) Remote Access  ( )  
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