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Vonage --> Connect to the Internet : Vonage Home Basic Setup Advanced Setup Help Log Out Port Settings Ethernet Options Filtering Parental Controls Network Options Firewall Logs Factory Defaults QoS status refresh Ethernet Options This section will allow you to configure Internet MAC address options. Any changes will cause device reboot automatically. Assigned MAC Address: The 12 digit code on the bottom label of your Vonage device Spoofed MAC Address: : : : : : MAC Cloning: Enable Need Help? Try one of these FAQ's or more information in Help . What is a MAC address? In a network, the MAC address is a 12-digit hexadecimal unique number that identifies a hardware interface. Just as your social security number uniquely identifies you, a MAC address uniquely identifies a hardware interface on a network. All hardware components in a network including routers, cards, and adapters have MAC addresses. What is the difference between MAC Spoofing and MAC Cloning? MAC Cloning and MAC Spoofing are almost identical. MAC Cloning is a specialized form of MAC Spoofing. Both MAC Spoofing and MAC Cloning copy a MAC address from a specific device onto the V-Portal. More... Do I need to both Spoof and Clone my MAC address? No, in fact, you can only enable one or the other. If MAC Spoofing is enabled, MAC Cloning will be disabled and vice-versa. How do I know whether I need to Spoof or Clone my Mac address? When you sign up for Internet service some ISPs register the MAC address of the device (computer or router) you will be using and only let that particular device connect to the Internet service. If your ISP requires you to register your MAC address and your V-Portal will be directly connected to your modem), then you will need to perform ‘MAC Cloning’ or “MAC Spoofing”. More... How do I clone the MAC address of my PC onto the V-Portal? If you have not changed the default values, then there is nothing you need to do to perform MAC Cloning. By default, your V-Portal will automatically try to perform MAC Cloning if you cannot establish a connection to the Internet. More... How do I spoof a MAC address onto the V-Portal? To spoof a MAC address onto the V-Portal: 1. Enter the MAC address of the device that is registered with your ISP in the Spoofed MAC Address field. 2. Click Apply. Home Basic Setup Advanced Setup Help © Vonage 2007-2008. All Rights Reserved.
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