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Vonage --> Connect to the Internet : Vonage Home Basic Setup Advanced Setup Help Log Out Port Settings Ethernet Options Filtering Parental Controls Network Options Firewall Logs Factory Defaults QoS status refresh Local Log This section allows configuration of Firewall event log reporting via E-mail alerts and a local view of the attacks on the system. Contact E-mail Address SMTP Server Name E-mail Alerts Enable Description Count Last Occurence Target Source Log Options This section allows optional configuration of events to be logged. Send selected events Permitted Connections Blocked Connections Known Internet Attacks Product Configuration Events Need Help? Try one of these FAQ's or more information in Help . What does the local log show me? The local log keeps track of firewall log events. If the events are enabled via the Web Filter page and the Local Log page, the events will be captured. The local log is stored in the device’s memory. You can specify which items of interest are monitored. You can choose to monitor for: Blocked Connections Known Internet Attacks The Blocked Connections option will only log events if the “Blocked Fragmented IP Packets” and/or “Port Scan Detection” options are selected on the Filtering page under Web Content Filter. How do I configure my device to send an email whenever an event I’m monitoring for occurs? If you’d like to receive an email whenever an event you are monitoring for occurs, you need to setup an email alert. More... Home Basic Setup Advanced Setup Help © Vonage 2007-2008. All Rights Reserved.
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