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Vonage --> Vonage Home Basic Setup Advanced Setup Help Log Out status refresh Welcome to the New Way to Phone Welcome to the Vonage router administration site. This site will allow you to take full advantage of this device, and will also allow you to troubleshoot problems. Basic Setup Set up and troubleshoot your Internet connection, see if your computer and phones are connected correctly, or change passwords for this device. go Advanced Setup Set up port forwarding, port filtering, parental control, network options, firewall settings and more. Also you can reset the device to factory defaults. go Help Not sure what the term Port Forwarding or the acronym WAN mean? Stop by the help section for a list of common issues, a concise glossary of terms, as well as detailed contact information. go About This Device Your Vonage V-Portal is a dual line voice adapter with single port router. Device Description: 1 port residential gateway Hardware Version: 145 Software Version: 3.0.1-0.2.10 WAN Status: Connected Details > LAN Status: Connected Details > Voice Status: Registered Details > See full device status > Quick Tips Did you know that you can use Playstation or Xbox or Nintendo with the V-Portal? go Top Ten FAQs 1. How do I know which Internet connection type to use? Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) determines which type of connection to use. There are three basic connection types, DHCP , Static IP, and PPPoE . More... 2. How do I setup a DHCP connection? A DHCP connection is the easiest Internet connection to setup. In most cases, your Vonage device requires no additional configuration to use DHCP.The V-Portal is pre-configured to use DHCP as the default Internet connection type. It will function properly right out of the box. More... 3. How do I setup a PPPoE connection? To setup an Internet connection using PPPoE: 1. Choose PPPoe from the Connect Using drop down list. 2. Enter the PPP User Name and PPP Password you need to access your DSL connection. If you do not remember this information you will need to contact your ISP. 3. Be sure the Enable PPPoE Keep-Alive drop-down field is set to the default value of Enable. 4. Be sure the Keep-Alive Period(seconds) is set to 30 seconds (also the default value). 5. Click the Apply button. 6. The V-Portal will restart. Wait until the V-Portal completes its startup sequence. The V-Portal is ready to make calls when you see the phone icon. 4. What is a Local Area Network (LAN)? A Local Area Network is a group of computers and related devices that share a common communications line or wireless link. The connected devices are typically within a small geographic area such as office building or a home. 5. What is a DHCP server? A DHCP server assigns IP addresses to devices on a network. Your Vonage device is by default configured to work as a DHCP Server. 6. Do I need to setup my Local Area Network (LAN)? If you’d like to connect an additional device, such as a PC, video game console, router or DVR, to your Vonage telephone adapter, you can simply plug the device into the Ethernet port on the back of your Vonage device. Your Vonage device is by default configured to work as a DHCP Server and therefore no additional steps are necessary to setup a LAN. We do not recommend you change any of the default network settings unless you have networking knowledge. If you had previously configured your Vonage device to not work as a DHCP Server, for example if you had setup a Static IP network, and would like to now use DHCP you will need to re-configure it. If you would like to configure your LAN to use Static IP addresses, you will need to setup your LAN. Only people with extensive networking knowledge should consider this option. 7. Can I change my password? Yes, you can change your password. To reset/change your password: Simply enter a new password in the New Password field. A valid password has between 5 and 8 alphanumeric characters. Special characters and spaces are not permitted. Re-enter that same password in the Re-enter New Password field. Caution: If you change the password from the default settings, be sure to remember it. If you forget the password you define, the only way to gain access to these web pages will be to perform a hard reset on the device. Performing a hard reset on the device will reset ALL user defined router values. You will need to define these values again or restore them from a previously saved backup. 8. What if I forgot my password? If you change the password from the default, and then forget it, you must perform a hard reset of the device to login again. Caution: Performing a hard reset of the device will reset ALL user defined router values. 9. What information is available on the Status Page? The Status page contains a lot of valuable information. In addition to showing you what version of the hardware your V-Portal has and what version of the software your device is running, it contains the following information: More... 10. What is a MAC address? In a network, the MAC address is a 12-digit hexadecimal unique number that identifies a hardware interface. Just as your social security number uniquely identifies you, a MAC address uniquely identifies a hardware interface on a network. All components in a network including routers, cards, and adapters have MAC addresses. Home Basic Setup Advanced Setup Help © Vonage 2007-2008. All Rights Reserved.