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Vonage --> Connect to the Internet : Vonage Home Basic Setup Advanced Setup Help Log Out Connect to the Internet Local Network Setup Password Save & Import Configuration status refresh Setting up your Local Network This section will allow you to configure your Local Area Network. DHCP Server: Yes No DHCP Server Address: . . . DHCP Server Subnet Mask: . . . Starting Local Address: 192.168.15. Ending Local Address: 192.168.15. Lease Time: days hours mins MAC Address IP Address Duration Expires 0018f8cb1ae0 D:07 H:00 M:00 S:00 Sun Feb 14 14:01:19 2010 --> Need Help? Try one of these FAQ's or more information in Help . What is a Local Area Network (LAN)? A Local Area Network is a group of computers and related devices that share a common communications line. The connected devices are typically within a small geographic area such as an office building or a home. What is a DHCP server? A DHCP server assigns IP addresses to devices on a network. Your Vonage V-Portal is by default configured to work as a DHCP Server for devices connected to its LAN port. What is Lease Time? Lease time is the amount of time that a computer or device on a network will be allowed connection to the router using their current IP address . When the lease time expires, a new dynamic IP address will automatically be assigned by the DHCP server. Is it necessary to configure any settings to setup my Local Area Network (LAN)? Your Vonage V-Portal is by default configured to work as a DHCP Server and therefore no additional steps are necessary to setup a LAN. If you’d like to connect an additional device, such as a PC, video game console, router or DVR, to your Vonage V-Portal, you can simply plug the device into the Ethernet port on the back of your Vonage device.(This is assuming that the device you are plugging in to the V-Portal Ethernet port has DHCP enabled. If not, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to enable DHCP.). We do not recommend you change any of the default network settings unless you have networking knowledge. More... If I previously made changes to my DHCP server settings and need to re-configure my Local Area Network (LAN), how do I do it? To setup your Local Area Network: 1. Select the Yes radio button associated with the DHCP Server field. 2. DHCP Server Address – By default, the DHCP Server Address is We recommend not changing the default. If you do change the DHCP Server Address, you will need to login to the V-Portal Web UI using this new address. 3. DHCP Server Subnet Mask – The default DHCP Server Subnet Mask is We recommend not changing the default. 4. Specify the range of IP addresses to use. 5. The Starting Local Address specifies the value for the DHCP server to start with when assigning IP address . 6. The Ending Local Address specifies the last IP address that can be defined. 7. Specify the Lease Time . When the Lease Time expires, a new IP Address will be automatically assigned by the DHCP Server. 8. Click the Apply button. If you would like to configure your LAN to use Static IP addresses, select the No radio button associated with the DHCP Server field. This option should only be used by people with extensive networking knowledge. You will then need to set Static IP addresses on the device(s) connected to the V-Portal. Home Basic Setup Advanced Setup Help © Vonage 2007-2008. All Rights Reserved.
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