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Vonage --> Connect to the Internet : Vonage Home Basic Setup Advanced Setup Help Log Out Status Diagnostics LCD Message History status refresh Status This section will allow you to view the router's status and configuration. About this Device Your Vonage device is a single port router with 2 phone lines. Status Hardware Version: 145 Software Version: 3.0.1-0.2.10 Internet Status: Connected Ethernet Status: Connected Current Time: Sun Feb 07 22:43:49 2010 Phone 1: Enabled Phone 2: Disabled Configuration Server: Device negotiated with the configuration server successfully. Parental Control: Internet Connection Status IP Address: MAC Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: Duration: D: 04 H: 00 M: 00 S: 00 Expires: Wed Feb 10 15:21:16 2010 DNS Servers   DHCP Clients MAC Address IP Address Duration Expires D:07 H:00 M:00 S:00 Sun Feb 14 14:01:19 2010 Need Help? Try one of these FAQ's or more information in Help . What information is available on the Status Page? The Status page contains a lot of valuable information. In addition to showing you what version of the hardware your V-Portal has and what version of the software your device is running, it contains the following information: More... What does the information in the Internet Connection Status section mean? The Internet Connection Status section contains information pertaining to your Internet connection. There are three possible connection types to use DHCP, PPPoE and Static IP. The information in this section will vary depending on which connection type you are using. More... What does it mean if it says "Disabled" next to a phone line? "Disabled" means that the telephone line has not been setup for use. It has no phone number associated with it. How can I tell if Iím connected to the Internet? There are three ways you can tell if you are connected to the Internet. The first is by looking for the Internet icon on the status bar of the Web UI. (This is also displayed on the LCD of the V-Portal). If the icon is present, then you are connected to the Internet. The second is by looking at the Internet Status field on the Status page. The last way is by opening a web browser on your computer and trying to access a website. Home Basic Setup Advanced Setup Help © Vonage 2007-2008. All Rights Reserved.
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