Wireless Secondary SSID for the Westell A90-750014-07Router Sceenshot

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Westell - Discover Better Broadband Home My Network Wireless Security Advanced Basic Setup Simple Config Security MAC Filtering Advanced Settings Secondary SSID Help   Wireless > Secondary SSID Secondary Wireless Operation Enable   Disable Network Name (SSID) Hide SSID Hide    Broadcast     Security Wireless Security Disable WEP WPA WPA2 WPA any   Authentication Type Open System Shared Key   Key Select Key 1 Key 2 Key 3 Key 4 Key 1     64 bit 128 bit Key 2     64 bit 128 bit Key 3     64 bit 128 bit Key 4     64 bit 128 bit   64 bit (5 text or 10 hexadecimal digits) 128 bit (13 text or 26 hexadecimal digits) Group Key Update Interval WPA2 Pre-Authentication   Authentication method Personal (Pre-shared Key) Enterprise (802.1x) Server IP Address Server Port Shared Secret Network Re-Authentication Interval WPA Shared Key   must be 8 to 63 text characters or 64 hexadecimal digits in length MAC Filter Edit MAC filtering edit LAN Access Primary LAN Private LAN - wlan only Private LAN IP Address Subnet Mask DHCP Enable DHCP Server Enable   Disable Start Address End Address Lease Time (day : hr : min : sec) : : :   save reset          
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