Wireless Security for the Westell A90-750014-07Router Sceenshot

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Westell - Discover Better Broadband Home My Network Wireless Security Advanced Basic Setup Simple Config Security MAC Filtering Advanced Settings Secondary SSID Help Wireless > Security Wireless Security Disabled WPA WEP Authentication Type Open System Shared Key      Key Select      Key 1      Key 2      Key 3      Key 4      Key 1     64 bit 128 bit      Key 2     64 bit 128 bit      Key 3     64 bit 128 bit      Key 4     64 bit 128 bit *WEP keys:   64 bit (5 text or 10 hexadecimal digits) 128 bit (13 text or 26 hexadecimal digits) Authentication Personal (Pre-shared Key) Enterprise (802.1x) WPA Type WPA Mixed WPA WPA2 WPA2 Pre-Authentication   Data Encryption TKIP AES TKIP + AES WPA Shared Key *WPA key:     must be 8 to 63 text characters or 64 hexadecimal digits in length RADIUS Secret RADIUS Server IP Address RADIUS Port WPA Group ReKey Interval           save reset      
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