Dynamic DNS for the ZTE ZXV10 W300Router Sceenshot

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Dynamic DNS Wizard Setup Advanced Security Wireless Tools Status         Error Report   Advanced->Dynamic DNS                      Save Logout UPnP DMZ Port Forwarding LAN Clients IGMP Snooping IGMP Proxy QoS Ingress QoS Engress QoS Shaper Policy Routing Static Routing Dynamic Routing Dynamic DNS SNTP SNMP TR069 GNU DDNS    Dynamic DNS Client        With a DDNS Connection you can host your own web site,Email server,FTP site and more on your own location even if you have a dynamic IP address. WAN Connection: stream DDNS Server: GNUDIP http DynDNS TZO Dynamic DNS: User Name: Password: Domain Name:                    All rights reserved by ZTE Corporation©2006
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