Wireless Setup for the ZTE ZXV10 W300Router Sceenshot

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Setup Wizard Setup Advanced Security Wireless Tools Status         Error Report   Wireless->Setup                      Save Logout Setup Multiple SSID Security Access List WDS Associated Stations Wireless Setup   Enable AP:    Primary SSID:  Hidden VLAN ID:  --> 802.11 Mode:  Mixed B only B+ G only Region String:  Australia Brazil Canada China Egypt France Germany Greece China Hongkong Korea PRC Spain United Kingdom United States Channel Number:  Auto: Power Level:  Full 75% 50% 25% 6% Beacon Period:  msec DTIM Period:  (1~255) RTS Threshold:  (1~2347) Frag Threshold:  (256~2346) User Limit:     Max number (1~64) User Isolation:  4X:  --> QOS SUPPORT:    Note: You must for Wireless changes to take effect.     All rights reserved by ZTE Corporation©2006
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