Quality of Service QoS Classification for the Zhone 6219-X1-NA-0CCRouter Sceenshot

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Quality of Service -- QoS Classification Choose Add or Remove to configure network traffic classes. If you disable WMM function in Wireless Page, classification related to wireless will not take effects. A maximum of 32 entries can be configured.   MARK TRAFFIC CLASSIFICATION RULES   Class Name DSCP Mark Queue ID 802.1P Mark Lan Port Protocol DSCP Source Addr./Mask Source Port Dest. Addr./Mask Dest. Port Source MAC Addr./Mask Destination MAC Addr./Mask 802.1P Order Enable/Disable Remove Edit VoIP_Stream   9     UDP EF               1 VoIP_Stream_CoS   9     UDP CS5               2 VoIP_Signal   10     TCP/UDP AF31               3 VoIP_Signal_CoS   10     TCP/UDP CS3               4
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