DNS Server for the Zhone 6518-A1-xxRouter Sceenshot

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DNS Server Configuration Select DNS Server Interface from available WAN interfaces OR enter static DNS server IP addresses for the system. In ATM mode, if only a single PVC with IPoA or static IPoE protocol is configured, Static DNS server IP addresses must be entered. DNS Server Interfaces can have multiple WAN interfaces served as system dns servers but only one will be used according to the priority with the first being the higest and the last one the lowest priority if the WAN interface is connected. Priority order can be changed by removing all and adding them back in again.   Select DNS Server Interface from available WAN interfaces: Selected DNS Server Interfaces Available WAN Interfaces   ppp0 ">   Use the following Static DNS IP address: Primary DNS server: Secondary DNS server: TODO: IPV6 *********** Select the configured WAN interface for IPv6 DNS server information OR enter the static IPv6 DNS server Addresses. Note that selecting a WAN interface for IPv6 DNS server will enable DHCPv6 Client on that interface.   Obtain IPv6 DNS info from a WAN interface: WAN Interface selected:   Use the following Static IPv6 DNS address: Primary IPv6 DNS server: Secondary IPv6 DNS server:
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