SNMP Agent for the Zhone 6518-A1-xxRouter Sceenshot

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--> SNMP - Configuration Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) allows a management application to retrieve statistics and status from the SNMP agent in this device. Select the desired values and click "Apply" to configure the SNMP options. SNMP Agent Disable Enable SNMP Version  V2C V3 V2C&V3 * System Contact:  * (1-200 char) System Name:  * (1-30 char) System Location: * (1-200 char) Security UserName: * (8-32 char) Validate Arithmetic: MD5  SHA  * Auth Passwd: * (8-64 char) Encrypt Arithmetic: DES  AES128  * Privacy Passwd: * (8-64 char) Read Community:  * (1-32 char) Set Community:  * (1-32 char) Trap Community:  (1-32 char) SNMP TrustedHost  (IP Address) Trap Destination  (IP Address) Asterisk(*)must be filling
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