Passwords for the Zhone ZNID-GPON-2426-UKRouter Sceenshot

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--> System - Access Control Access Control -- Passwords Access to your router is controlled through three user accounts: admin, support, and user. The user name "admin" has unrestricted access to change and view configuration of your Broadband Router. The user name "support" is used to allow an ISP technician to access your Broadband Router for maintenance and to run diagnostics. The user name "user" can access the Broadband Router, view configuration settings and statistics, as well as, update the router's software. Use the fields below to enter up to 16 characters and click "Apply/Save" to change or create passwords. Note: Password cannot contain a space. ZHONE_CUSTOM_MODS end --> User Name:                                      Old Password: New Password: Confirm Password: