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Configuration - Wireless Advanced Wireless -- Advanced Click "Apply/Save" to configure the advanced wireless options. ZHONE_CUSTOM_MODS end --> Band: 2.4GHz ZHONE_CUSTOM_MODS --> Channel: Current Channel: Auto Channel Timer(min) 802.11n/EWC: Bandwidth: 20MHz 40MHz Current Bandwidth: Control Sideband: Lower Upper Current Control Sideband: 802.11n Rate: 802.11n Protection: Off Auto Support 802.11n Client Only: Off On RIFS Advertisement: Off Auto OBSS Co-Existance: Disable Enable RX Chain Power Save: Disable Enable Power Save status: ZHONE_CUSTOM_MODS end --> RX Chain Power Save Quiet Time: RX Chain Power Save PPS: ZHONE_CUSTOM_MODS end --> Radio Power Save: Disable Enable Radio Power Save Quiet Time: Radio Power Save PPS: Radio Power Save Level: Low Medium High --> 54g™ Rate: Multicast Rate: ZHONE_CUSTOM_MODS end --> Basic Rate: Fragmentation Threshold: RTS Threshold: DTIM Interval: Beacon Interval: Global Max Clients: XPress™ Technology: Disabled Enabled 54g™ Mode: 54g Auto 54g Performance 54g LRS 802.11b Only 54g™ Protection: Off Auto Regulatory Mode: Disabled 802.11h 802.11d Pre-Network Radar Check: In-Network Radar Check: TPC Mitigation(db): 0(off) 2 3 4 Afterburner Technology: Disabled Enabled (Disable WMM for Selection) Preamble Type: long short Transmit Power: 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% WMM(Wi-Fi Multimedia): Auto Disabled Enabled WMM No Acknowledgement: Disabled Enabled WMM APSD: Disabled Enabled Iperf Support: Disable Enable Video Error Correction: RX Auto Enable Decode RX Disable Decode TX Enable Sequencer TX Enable Sequencer (IPTV Mode) TX Enable Encode TX Enable Encode (IPTV Mode) Wireless Mode: Access Point Wireless Ethernet URE: OFF ON URE Mode: Bridge (Range Extender) Routed (Travel Router) STA Retry Time(sec):
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