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Residential Gateway Configuration: Advanced - Forwarding Status Basic Advanced Firewall Parental Control VPN Wireless USB Logout Options IP Filtering MAC Filtering Port Filtering Forwarding Port Triggers DMZ Host RIP Setup 1.0 Advanced Forwarding Forwarding allows requests from the public Internet to reach specific devices on your private network or LAN. Such devices may include web servers, FTP servers, mail servers, etc. Enter the IP Addresses and ports of devices and applications that you want to forward to. You may optionally enter Addresses of External devices on the public Internet; doing so will restrict access to those devices only. If you enter no External device Addresses, any device on the public Internet may access your devices. Click Create Rule to save your forwarding configuration.   Local External IP Address Start Port End Port IP Address Start Port End Port Prot Description Enabled 80 80 80 80 TCP xbox1 Yes 88 88 88 88 TCP xbox1 Yes 53 53 53 53 TCP xbox1 Yes 500 500 500 500 TCP xbox1 Yes 3074 3074 3074 3074 UDP xbox1 Yes 3544 3544 3544 3544 UDP xbox1 Yes 4500 4500 4500 4500 UDP xbox1 Yes ©2010-2014 Zoom Telephonics, Inc. All rights reserved.
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