Basic Wireless Settings for the Zoom 4402Router Sceenshot

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Wireless Router Wireless --> General Item Setting SSID: Hide SSID: Yes No Channel Plan: 1-11 1-13 Channel: Wireless Mode: Auto B/G Mixed 54G Only 802.11B Only 802.11N Only 54g Protection Channel bandwidth: 20 MHz 20/40 Mhz Extension Channel: Auto Authentication Method: WPA2-Auto-Personal WPA2-Personal WPA-Personal WEP Open WEP Shared WEP Auto WPA Encryption: TKIP AES TKIP+AES WPA Pre-Shared Key: WEP Encryption: None WEP-64bits WEP-128bits Key Index: 1 2 3 4 WEP Key 1: WEP Key 2: WEP Key 3: WEP Key 4: Passphrase: Network Key Rotation Interval:
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