LAN to WAN Filter for the Zoom 4402Router Sceenshot

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Wireless Router Firewall --> LAN to WAN Filter LAN vs. WAN filter allows you to block specified packets between LAN and WAN. You can first define the date and time that filter will be enabled. You can then choose the default action for filter in both directions and insert the rules for any exceptions. --> Item Setting Enable LAN to WAN Filter? Yes No Day to Enable LAN to WAN Filter: Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Time of Day to Enable LAN to WAN Filter: : - : Packets not specified will be: DROP ACCEPT Filtered ICMP packet types: Echo Reply Distination unreachable Source quench Redirect Echo request Time Exeeded for a datagram Parameter problem on a datagram Timestamp request Timestamp replay Information request information reply Address mask request Address mask reply LAN to WAN Filter Table Well-Known Applications: User Defined Source IP Port Range (ex: 21:30) Destination IP Port Range (ex: 21:30) Protocol TCP TCP ALL TCP SYN TCP ACK TCP FIN TCP RST TCP URG TCP PSH UDP -->
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