DHCP Relay Configuration for the Zoom X5 5654BRouter Sceenshot

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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Relay Configuration As a DHCP relay agent, when a computer request Internet access, the device requests an IP address from your ISP, and then relays the addresses back to the computers. This table lists each interface on the device that relays data from your ISP. Typically, the LAN port is listed. DHCP Server Address:     Interfaces Running DHCP Relay   Action No Interface Running DHCP Relay! eth-0 ppp-0 ppp-1 ppp-2 ppp-3 ppp-4 ppp-5 ppp-6 ppp-7 ppp-8 ppp-9 ppp-10 ppp-11 ppp-12 ppp-13 ppp-14 ppp-15 ppp-16 ppp-17 ppp-18 ppp-19 ppp-20 ppp-21 ppp-22 ppp-23 eoa-0 eoa-1 eoa-2 eoa-3 eoa-4 eoa-5 eoa-6 eoa-7 usb-0 ipoa-0 ipoa-1 ipoa-2 ipoa-3 ipoa-4 ipoa-5 ipoa-6 ipoa-7 wlan-0 EthPort-0 EthPort-1 EthPort-2 EthPort-3                    After you have saved your changes, you must write the new settings to flash to make them permanent. Click the button below to do this.
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