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Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Configuration Routers on your LAN communicate with one another using the Routing Information Protocol. This table lists any interfaces on your device that use RIP (typically the LAN interface), and the version of the protocol used. Enable      Disable Age(seconds):   Update Time(seconds):   IF Name Metric Send Mode Receive Mode Action No Rip Entries! eth-0 veth-0 veth-1 ppp-0 ppp-1 ppp-2 ppp-3 ppp-4 ppp-5 ppp-6 ppp-7 ppp-8 ppp-9 ppp-10 ppp-11 ppp-12 ppp-13 ppp-14 ppp-15 ppp-16 ppp-17 ppp-18 ppp-19 ppp-20 ppp-21 ppp-22 ppp-23 eoa-0 eoa-1 eoa-2 eoa-3 eoa-4 eoa-5 eoa-6 eoa-7 usb-0 ipoa-0 ipoa-1 ipoa-2 ipoa-3 ipoa-4 ipoa-5 ipoa-6 ipoa-7 wlan-0 EthPort-0 EthPort-1 EthPort-2 EthPort-3 RIP1 RIP2 RIP1COMPAT NONE RIP1 RIP2 BOTH NONE               After you have saved your changes, you must write the new settings to flash to make them permanent. Click the button below to do this.
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