TCP-IP Status for the Zoom X5 5654BRouter Sceenshot

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TCP/IP Status TCP/IP Status IP Datagrams Statistic Values IP Received:   3478012 Packets IP Received w/ Header Error:   0 Packets IP Received w/ Wrong Address:   0 Packets IP Received w/ Unknown Protocol:   0 Packets IP Routing Discarded:   0 Packets IP Datagrams Forwarded Forwarded Datagrams:   3467203 Packets Input IP Datagrams Input IP Discarded:   0 Packets Input IP Delivered To User-Protocol:   10744 Packets Output IP Datagrams IP Requests For Transmission w/ User-Protocol:   16492 Packets Output IP Discarded:   0 Packets Output IP Discarded w/ No Route:   1628 Packets IP Datagrams / Reassemble Maximum # of Seconds IP Waits For Reassemble:   60 Second(s) IP Received Which Needed To Be Reassembled:   0 Packets IP Successfully Re-assembled:   0 Packets IP Fails To Re-Assemble:   0 Packets IP Datagrams / Fragment IP Successfully Fragmented:   0 Packets IP Fails To Fragment:   0 Packets IP Fragments Created:   0 Packets
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