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Zoom X6 v5.0.2-70 System Status ADSL Status Basic Setup Wireless Advanced Setup Help Quality of Service (QoS) With Quality of Service (QoS) you can assign each port a priority of High, Medium, or Standard. There are 5 ports - the 4 Ethernet LAN Ports and the Wireless port - and QoS lets you set their guaranteed upstream bandwidth. To learn more about QoS, click here. Do you want to turn on QoS, so some devices and ports have priority in sending information to the internet? Setting the priority of QoS ports Which ports should be High Priority? Please pick one to three ports. Which ports should be Medium Priority? Please pick one to three ports. All other ports are Standard Priority. Advanced QoS Page After you have saved your changes, you must write the new settings to flash. Click the button below to do this. Note: To activate the new setting, you must restart your router.
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