WAN Configuration for the Zoom X6 5990Router Sceenshot

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  WAN Configuration   Selected PVC PVC 0 --> --> -->   Protocol PPPoE PPPoA 1483 Bridged (Pure Bridge Mode) 1483 Bridged IP + NAT 1483 Routed IP   Encapsulation LLC VC-Mux   MAC -->   VPI   VCI     PPP   Username   Password   Service Name   Disconnect timeout minutes   Authentication NONE PAP CHAP AUTO     NAT Enabled Disabled   MTU   ATM   ATM Traffic Class UBR CBR VBR-rt VBR   Peak Cell Rate   Burst Tolerance   Max Cell Rate   Max Burst Size   Sustainable Cell Rate   RIP   Accept V1 true false   Accept V2 true false   Sent V1 true false   Sent V2 true false Select PVC   After you have saved your changes, you must write the new setting to flash. Click the button below to do this.
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