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    CONTENT FILTERING     General Categories Customization       Enable External Database Content Filtering   Block Log Matched Web Pages   Block Log Unrated Web Pages   Block Log When Content Filter Server Is Unavailable     Content Filter Server Unavailable Timeout (1~30 seconds) Select Categories   Select All Categories Clear All Categories       Adult/Mature Content Pornography Sex Education   Intimate Apparel/Swimsuit Nudity Alcohol/Tobacco   Illegal/Questionable Gambling Violence/Hate/Racism   Weapons Abortion Arts/Entertainment   Business/Economy Cult/Occult Illegal Drugs         >" type=submit name=AutoCategory_Advanced> Test Web Site Attribute:   Test if Web site is blocked (Domian name or IP Address)         Registration and Reports Click Register to register for external content filtering. You can use a trial application or register your iCard's PIN. You can also view and update your registration status or view content filtering reports.   Registration Status: Unregistered          
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